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What would you do with more confidence??

Do you want to learn the latest tips on hair, makeup and skin care???

How would you like to get insider and exclusive stories??

We are ladies …no two of us are the same and here at Continuing Your Journey, we TOTALLY get that. Some of us want to wear makeup, others of us feel more comfortable all natural.


Some of us want to dye our hair and some don’t. Some of us feel more comfortable in sweats and tees while others of us want to wear heels.


We are all unique and our #loveyourselfie digital magazine is ALL about supporting you to grow in loving yourself and finding confidence in who you are

…whatever your style may be, YOU are welcome in our community!!

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What you will get...

Our digital magazine edition packed with AMAZING and UPLIFTING content will be sent straight to your email inbox each month!

We get that each of us have our own needs and wants ...different thoughts, experiences, body, skin and hair types


…so then there shouldn’t be only ONE way to take care of ourselves. We want to give you exclusive access to our TOP content including:

Hair/Skin Care

  • Insider tips, tricks and advice from professional stylists for taking care of your specific types of hair

  • Tutorials from professional artists to learn makeup application and care techniques to help you love the skin that you’re in

Body Positivity

  • Specific videos, plans and insights on mindset, fitness exercises and nutritional habits from our professionals to help you in feeling and looking your best

Exclusive Interviews

  • Exclusive interviews with influential ladies sharing their self-love stories, their struggles with bullying, confidence, pressures, and other challenges. Giving advice on how to overcome these struggles and secrets to how they got to where they are today

Mindfulness Techniques

  • Audios, videos and scripts of proven mindfulness techniques from our certified professionals to help you cope with the challenges throughout the journey of growing in self-love and self-confidence

And so much more...

  • Features from girls JUST LIKE YOU all over the world uplifting each other to accept your differences, be who you are and love yourself completely

  • You’ll have access to advice from a qualified mental health professional as well as a teen’s perspective column for our reader’s specific questions on self-love topics

  • Articles with methods to build confidence, grow in loving yourself, create a supportive community, and other self-love topics

  • Self-love and confidence developing activities that you can do on your own time

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Want to be featured in our magazine?

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  • You can be featured in one of our monthly magazine editions

  • We will mention you in posts about the editions to our followers


Learn more and submit your piece here.


Want some advice on your self-love questions?

  • We have an advice column that we want YOU to be a part of …so what kind of questions do you have about self-love? You’re likely not the only one who has these questions, so be courageous and ask away!

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