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Here's how you can join our #girlsquad

The #girlsquad is a movement to empower ALL girls to feel CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL and LOVED!!

We're all about supporting girls in learning to accept themselves and growing to love who they are.

Join our girl squad

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If you're that type of girl who believes in supporting and uplifting other girls, we want YOU in our #girlsquad

Join us for weekly inspiration sent right to you!!

Happy Young Girls

Let's be the girls who:

lift each other up

be confident in who we are

accept our imperfections

believe that we are capable

courageously follow our dreams

College Friends

Help spread the word about our #girlsquad and always be the first to know what's going on!

Together we can make a real difference


With our #girlsquad you can...


Get involved with a LIFE-CHANGING movement


Become a CONFIDENT leader


Grow in COURAGE to bravely go after all your  wildest dreams


All while you inspire other girls to do the same!

Who is Michelle?

It's about ALL girls coming together to empower each other in loving and accepting ourselves exactly the way we are.

- Meesh, founder

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As the owner of Continuing Your Journey and the mind behind #girlsquad, Michelle has dedicated herself to encouraging girls/women to know their worth and feel confident in exactly who they are she believes every lady deserves this!


Michelle is a confidence mentor and certified Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) coach experiencing major breakthroughs in her own life as well as those she works along side.

With a background in psychology and the mental health field, Michelle has built her career on helping people find their strengths, be their best selves and reach their ultimate goals.

In the future, Michelle will be hosting #girlsquad retreats to bring the squad together to discover who they are, let go of unrealistic expectations and uplift each other!

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Private FB Group:     Confident Girl Squad

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