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Tapping Is Self-Administered: Why Would I Need To Work With A Practitioner?

So you have found Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), this amazing new self-administered method and you feel ready to try it out on anything.

That’s great!

If you're a little confused and haven't already then you should definitely check out my post to learn about tapping and how it could help you.

However, when you've learned the basics of Tapping and you are able to tap on your own points, you might wonder why you should work with a certified Tapping practitioner.

Well, first off from my experience with clients, most people find it more difficult when they're working on their own. The thing that I hear most is that they "don't know what to say" so I created 10 tapping scripts to support your healing with a bonus of these digital post cards.

And actually most successful certified Tapping practitioners even have Tapping partners that they trade sessions with regularly to help in their own healing.

So I want to talk about my top 5 reasons that it's important to work with a certified Tapping practitioner that I've discovered over the years.

1. Outside perspective: There is that saying; we only know what we already know. For Tapping this means that we see events and issues from one perspective whereas working a certified Tapping practitioner can help us see from a different viewpoint.

2. Delve deeper: Our minds have a tendency to want to stay on the surface of our issues so we often aren’t able to find the root causes of problems on our own. This can cause issues to hang on a lot longer than it would with a practitioner who can ask questions to delve deeper into the core issues when using Tapping.

3. Additional tools: Certified Tapping practitioners have been trained with various tools within Tapping and will be able to pull them out during sessions to help move forward as well as keep you safe when working through difficult issues.

4. Guidance: During Tapping sessions, we tend to get pulled in various directions and our work can feel more like chaos. A Tapping practitioner can help to guide the session to remain focused in the direction of your goals. As well, they can help in keeping one out of the ‘trauma pull’ which is a term used to describe our minds’ innate instincts to try and move through intense emotional events as quickly as possible, often causing more harm than good.

5. Safety: Sometimes when using Tapping we move into events that hold more intense emotions, often without much warning. A certified Tapping practitioner can assist in carefully separating you from the intensity of the event and/or helping to move through the emotional intensity of the event in a safe manner.

As you can see, working with a certified Tapping practitioner can be extremely beneficial, additionally the fit of your practitioner is also important so make sure that both you and the practitioner feel comfortable when planning to work together.


Want to talk more about tapping or working together? I'd love to chat!

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