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In this 21-day #loveyourselfie journal, you will receive over 100 digital pages of thought provoking self-reflection questions, space to contemplate personal self-love topics (including past/present personal struggles, self-evaluations, external supports, different thought patterns, personal successes, areas of improvement, etc.) and daily journal entry prompts. This has all been designed in a structured to support you through creating and self-directing daily action towards your personal self-love goal within the 21-day period.


As well, this includes daily and weekly logs to track your own progress towards your personal self-love goal.


With the digital formatting, this journal can be used again and again for different self-love goals or even continued progress toawards one self-love goal.

21-day #loveyourselfie Journal

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$4.97Sale Price
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  • Please do not share or distribute this product without personal written permission from Continuing Your Journey.

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